My New Year's Resolution

For awhile I have been really battling my depression and most days spend the majority of it in bed. I dont get up or go anywhere so I dont shower or get changed for days. A friend of my moms who is bipolar told me she made herself get up and get ready every day. I decided to do the same thing since I get up so early anyways.

Today is the first day, a trial run to see if I can keep it up. You always feel so much better about tourself when you acieve a goal, no matter how small. Later I will think of something else small to add down the road.

Any suggestions? I just feel so unmotivated and tired and I stopped taking my Prozac months ago. I want to learn how to get over these bumps without pills that dont teach you how to deal with things.
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

Make lists. I make lists like crazy, it feels really good to be able to mark things off. I don't know if it's something other BPD's feel, but I have trouble organizing and remembering my tasks long enough to do them, and then berate myself at night because I fell like I wasted space.

I found an old list from last summer in my car. I had written "eat sandwich, makeup, buy soap, watch tv"

It sounds completely silly, none of those things were essential to the day, but I had marked every one of them off, and finding that list brought a direct feeling of accomplishment to me even months later.

Even include things you'll have to do regardless, and then mark them off. It really helps with structure.