Experiencing An Emotional Trainwreck

Imagine a train, gliding along the rails somewhere. Following the tracks, all the cars moving smoothly. Suddenly one car slows down or stops and the cars behind it derailing and crashing into each other. I imagine a normal brain experiencing emotions like a normal train. The devastating wreck is a borderlines mind when something suddenly triggers you and you become hung up on something.

For us, it can be anything. Something we take very personally, something we consider an attack, or something involving some kind of relationship. Something is wrong with our tracks, because our emotions are the cars, but they often cause big wrecks causing massive chaos and confusion, and an overwhelming wave of emotions

It takes us so long to mentally move past it, but there is not any one way to get over it, it is always a search for a solution just to get mental relief for a moment. What works every time? How do people who think and feel normally do it?
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

That is what i would like to know.