Im Someone Else

Im just not who I was anymore
and I hate that I love the new me.
drugs, men, danger.

It's just not me
Or is it

I don't know

After two bad relationships, two horrible heartbreaks, I still want to get in there, have someone love me, adore me, even though I know i'll screw it up with them
and now its all about the bad boys and the drugs and...It keeps me happy! But the guilt!

Yorkebaby Yorkebaby
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Message me if you ever need to talk. I understand that longing to loved. I have had bpd for a very long time and have never met someone else with it so I hope that I can help you if and when you need it

Thank you so much!
God bless

You can do it! Please message me if you would ever like to. Xoxo

Thank you! :)

I was your age when my impulsivness was out of control. Drinking, spending, promiscuity, drugs, anything. I have ruined some of the best relationships I have had and burned soo many bridges. I pushed everyone away because I felt they would leave eventually, i had already made a mess of the relationship or just feeling overwhelmed. But always, underneath the shell I had, I wanted to be loved by someone. I used to attach myself to people, but when my idea of that person would change and I got hurt, I was crushed and it took forever to get over it. Now I just appreciate the pleasant things about everyone, and set no individual standards so I cant be let down. Hang in there!

Im going through the exact same thing right now.
Thank you
God bless