A Life Worth Living

Dr. Marsha Linehan developed Dialectical Behavior Therapy in 1993, for BPD. There is no cure, and medications just help drown the symptoms of anxiety and depression. I have every borderline trait and have been struggling with it all my life. We are so fortunate that this illness can be conqured with DBT and you can grow out of it. Hearing that gave me hope and I carried on.

I think BPD is one of the worst mental health conditions to have. Its like a mixture of every mental illness out there. I went to DBT therapy which helped and I got a DBT workbook that is amazing. I recommend it. For ANYBODY!

I am 26 and am completely off the medications and out of therapy. DBT is basically built on Buddhist ideas and principles. I srarted reading Buddhist books and that also really helped me.

The therapy is a guide to a life worth living. It takes hard work, perseverance and a lot of self discipline. But it is possible! Everyday is a little better for me.
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I beg for this to be true!

do u know hoe can i start the theropy

Go online and search for thrapists specializing in DBT. If you have insurance you can go pretty much anywhere. Some therapists take cash and you would agree on an amount. Also, I have found free DBT groups and therapists that work on a sliding scale. Read about it, too. I love "The Buddha and the Borderline" a great great book. The library is free! Get that DBT workbook as soon as you can.

can unpractise DBT while u r sooo hungry