I Have Bdl

Hello All! Recently I have found out I have BPL disorder. The moment my therapist told me I got very calm.I was glad to know it because it proved that I am not crazy. I am very sensitive, sense peoples fear and bad thoughts. It started with my family back when I was six. My parent very hard workers and good people, but my mom was not able show her love towards me, My dad was drinking a lot and got violent. He was not an alcoholic but I were not able trusting him at all. Maybe for a weak life was great but he drank, my mom started worry and it was hell. I was absorbing all that fear and made a promise to myself: I will never let myself be down, I do not cru and I will get out as soon as I can and I did when I was 17. That time they did not realize how harmfull was and I am still unfolding my story with my therapist. I was never loved only by my sister. My parent hold back they emotions. Life went on and I was unhappy, cold, not able to trust. I just began my journey to be a healthy person and say NO for emotional terrorism. My early experiences affected all of my relationships and I lost all people who ment a lot for me.
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Jan 5, 2013