So I Never Been Diagnosed

well i get so attached in relationships but they always fail because i think there always lying and cheating! i hate being alone but i always feel alone! i use to cut and i still want to! i take over the counter medications when im depressed which is at least once a week! i do drink alot anytime i can get my hands on it! i use to pop estacy! but i quit! bt im really smart! and have alot going for myself! im very moody and alwasy have an attitude with my family! i dont get along with my mom and i hate her boyfriend!

i think everyone thinks om a **** but i try hard not to be one.. maybe i just think im a ****! i hate myself! i think i tried to kill myself by drinking a whole bottle of nightquill but my bestfriend made me throw it up!!! i think this is also why i had a miscarriage!! i think everyone is alwasy talking about me even my close friends! i think way to much thats all i do..

i think i have borderline personality disorder, but i dont know how to get help or find out if i do.. too scared to tell my mom

18-21, F
4 Responses May 23, 2007

Self Diagnosis is never a good idea. As with most personality disorders, BPD takes years to diagnose.

Talk to a professional and don’t self-diagnose. There is a reason why people pay doctors a lot of money to treat them.

OH and (i forgot) ... it's the first steps in taking control ... in a HEALTHY way! <br />
my best to you.

it's time for you to visit the family health department by yourself - i don't know how old you are but even with minors there is a patient/doctor confidentiality rule. tell this doctor your history, your concerns, etc. just like you do on here. they will either help you right then with some form of treatment or refer you to another doctor who can and will. you ARE worth it!