What Is Real?

I cannot trust my feelings, opinions and views. They just might be my distorted vision of reality. Maybe sometimes they are real and normal people would share them with me. But since I don't know, I may not act at all to a real abuse, misuse, inappropriate attuitudes, I may not act to stand up for myself when needed, and on the other hand I may act impulsively and extremely to small things or things my distorted mind misinterprets.
Princeska Princeska
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

You need to get some help, because when you feel those urges to overreact somehow you have to learn to recognize them. I had a girlfriend that was like that and she spent more time trying to defend her reactions then dealing with them. Saying you're sorry helps a lot. I think she felt like if she could defend it and not say she was sorry then she was okay and the other person had the problem. I am sensitive and I continually remind myself that it's a distortion of my mind. A counselor can help you recognize what is a correct response and whats not. At least you admit to a problem