I Just Got Diagnosed With Borderline Personality Disorder

I am 16 years old and about 2 or 3 months ago I got diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. To be honest I am not even sure what it is. The only thing I know about it is that it comes from being abandoned as a child by someone close to you. I have been seeing a therapist since i was 12. I was recently put in a psychiatric hospital because i tried to commit suicide. Now, I'm homeschooled. Im very lonely and i feel lost and isolated because all of my "friends" that know why I just all of the sudden stopped going to school for 3 months because i was in a residential treatment center now think im crazy and say they want nothing to do with me. Because of that i am scared to have any socialization with anyone or any group of people. I dont handle judgement and rejection very well. I just feel really confused and hopeless lately.
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Scott knows that feeling very well. When he came home from Viet Nam he was shunned, rejected by people he had gone through school with. He was labeled a "dope crazed baby killer." He was refused jobs as soon as they found out he was a vet. Even his family pulled back from him.
This is the start of his PTSD. But after 30 years he found Irene and she showed him love passion and excitement that no other woman in his life ever could. Don't give up. Remember the old saying, "Illegitimus non carborundum es," Don't let the bastards wear you down. Outlast them out of plain pure cussedness if you must. But don't let them win.

judgement and rejection are really to hard to manage and i think it is the most annoying thing in BPD

I think having no friends or family can be a blessing in a way. There aren't people around to hurt you, or be hurt by you. I believe that relationships will both cause and alleviate problems, and should the end sum in any particular instance be a plus or minus is the result of a coin toss. Nothing stays the same, and so long as your life continues then you will have friends again, and people to call your family. That's mercifully unavoidable, although probably not as soon as you'd like. In the meanwhile, you can view this lonliness as also being unfettered. You can work on improving yourself, or befriend your demons. Either bettering who you are, or indulging your flaws as it suits you. There's no one around to judge your actions, and when you come through it there will be others there to support you. This too is unavoidable because you won't come out the other side until there are. So try to be calm when you can, and patient always. Better and worse days are yet to come, but hopefully the former before the latter.

I had a girlfriend for two years who had BPD Although she didn't know she had it but I knew there was something wrong with her so at first I thought she was an hysteric But then I put in BPD and the symptoms, though they are similar matched her perfectly. It's one thing having BPD when you know you have it you can do something about it but when you don't have it and think you are normal it can be a problem.


I can honestly say, I am going through the exact same thing right now. I'm so scared to hang around people because I feel like I'll get close to them and when I open up, they will abandon me. I hate feeling so vulnerable around my friends and it gives me anxiety which leads me to isolate myself but at the same time, I still want to have friends. If that makes sense.

I too was in a psych ward and I know how hard that must have been for you. I know that feeling when you're finally out and it seems like no one missed you. It sucks. I feel that all the time. I hate this constant feeling of being lonely but yet your afraid to make friends and open up. It's confusing but this is what borderline is.

It's hard, I know but I've been dealing with this for 3 years now and I'm only 18. I've found good friends, who don't judge me all you have to do is be BRAVE. It's hard and I hate to say it, you will get hurt. But don't let that stop you. Trust me, there is so much more to life then having to deal with this stupid disorder. I hate it, some days I feel super positive and other days I just want to hide in my room.

I support you.

girl you very brave. i was diagnosed in 2009 i have gone beyond soul searching to find answers this i know we have a fear o abondonment we have severe mood swings happy sad angry depressed we are lonely peoply because we cant maintain a normal relationship a single thought will trigger a mood, suicidale thoughts, cutting when i changed meds that improved. You more than welcome to ask me questions.

I appreciate your effort. But you really don't know what you're talking about. It's not because my parents didn't bring me up a certain way it's because I didn't had parents. And I don't go to a therapist to live my life for me I go to get the help and stability that I need. Once again I really do appreciate your concern but you haven't been through it and you don't know what it is.

he is ignorant thank you I was also diagnosed in 2009

In a way its you parents responsibility to bring their children up in proper way.
You may have some problems , but Borderline Personality Disorder or other **** names they invent today may give you impression that there is something really wrong with you.
In a way you have to realize, that is up to you and your sense of integrity how you will conduct your life , a therapist is not able to live your life for you.

you have no idea what you talking about

I think so , many so called mental disorders could be avoided , simple discipline at home . The general description of mental problems, from my point of view, ninety-five percent of mental problems are due to luxury. People can afford to be crazy and can afford to play crazy because they were given the chance to perform this crazy drama. Don’t do what everybody else does, do something different, then you will attract some attention and after some time it might become a habit. Then even if you want to overcome that it will be a little bit difficult. I say ninety-five percent because five percent can be real mental problems – something is wrong within the brain or something is wrong with the way the mind works. Technically something goes wrong or something possesses the person, some spirits or something gets into the person’s body and so the person behaves madly. This is five percent. But if we didn't have the luxury and freedom to be mad, then we would only have five percent of the crazy people that we have on Earth today. The rest, the ninety-five percent of the so called crazy people, would be very normal, they would not be crazy. That is my perception, but I can be wrong. So as I said , in most cases , its one's own lax life style which is responsible for own unhappiness or lack of proper upbringing , which is more or less the same.

you are between 18 - 21 I am 38 Ive was diagnosed with bdp 2009 you have not yet experience pain, suffering or loss. I have experience and little more wisdom than you. So go to bed this is no place for a child who thinks he knows about something he knows nothing about. Read the stories in the group i want to cut myself that is pain come talk to me when you have some sense.

What are you saying here is pain and arrogance a lot of words , but not much wisdom . I don't see how you are trying to help someone here , blind can't help blind.

Thank you! It's so easy for someone who has not experienced the pain and loneliness and suffering that some people have. Most people think I am "over dramatic" I don't believe I am I just can't stand people who judge and don't know what it is that they are judging.

i strongly suggest you get the fukc of this page and go to bed.

you are in over your head go play somewhere else o.k

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