I Hate This

I have met the best guy ever but this is what I didn't want to happen....I am insecure, I'm scared of rejection, or abandonment. I don't have the confidence, the selfapproval, the self-esteem, I can't deal with this, and it just gives me an itch of just self harming and just get depressed. I don't know what I can do.
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

rationalise... take things on a minute by minute basis, if each minute that goes by, the best guy ever and all the good things that come with that, companionship and, no doubt plenty of other things, have not turned into chaos and actual negative effects, then projecting rejection and abandonment are clearly irrational and, for that minute, can be ignored, as best you can...
i dont mean to make it sound easy.... I'm incredibly lonely, and recently was diagnosed with BPD, which if anything made me feel far, far less hopeful about the future as regards relationships. Then I read your post, and realised for other people - where I am not the subject or the like, focus, I can still rationalise and see the good that could come, if only the irrational BPD related elements could be contained.

I think you already did one of the best things you could do, which is talk about it and speak to people, that is something I could only suggest you do more of.. i'd be a hypocrite if I tried to make out I'd be able to come up with a solution if it was me actually in your position, but I'm here to rebound any thoughts you might have off and see if they seem founded.

I'm just a sufferer of the disorder, not a therapist though, I'm sorry if i sounded like I thought I could solve things, but i do hope things are okay x