Abandonment Fears

I knew this day would happen!

Me and my ex been seeing each quite a bit and he has been living with his mother so I guess he been relying on me for a social life.

Now he is moving into his own place on Friday which means he can do what he likes when he wants and doesn't have to worry about his mother, which now means I will get chucked aside again! I know it's going to happen.

He is going to find someone else better than me, he is going to just hurt me all over again and just chuck me aside like i meant nothing to him as he got his own life now he wont need me.

I am just going to be left on the sidelines all over again, and i dont think i am going to cope with it this time around. Part of me is wanting to tell him to f off now before he does it to me but it will still cause me the same amount of pain either way.

I am seriosuly losing it in my head already i know he is going to leave me and i dont want him to i cant let him!!!!

enchantedjinx89 enchantedjinx89
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 16, 2013

Wow, can you see into the future? How do you know he is leaving you?
But this is not the point, I am trying to make. No man is worth all the trouble and emotional hardship. Please ask yourself, if he does what you fear he might do, would he be worth it - I am sure he knows he would cause you enormous pain - so anyone who is putting you knowingly in such discomfort, could he honestly Love you? Now imagine I was your best friend and something like this would happen to me, what would you say to me? Please, look after yourself and try not to treat your thoughts as facts. I am not sure, if this helps at all ... but heart aches will go away.