Bpd Awareness Ideas?

Hey everyone
Hope you're all doing very well.

So I'm planning on getting some shirts printed as part of a mental health awaress or more specifically Borderline Personality Awareness campaign at my school.

Any ideas?
Text? Images? Anything :)

Thanks a bunch
Yorkebaby Yorkebaby
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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

hey, it sounds like a great idea. And one I would like to try to adopt locally too, but as for your request, what kind of ages would the audience be? Was trying to think whether we're going for witty, clever, straight-forward, obvious, image heavy/text heavy, scientific/easy to understand.
Either way, just thought to reply x

Well I was hoping to go for something clever and witty.
I think straight forward would be too...well straight forward. Especially in the society I live in, people are extremely judgmental about mental illnesses.
Age group 20 plus! :D
Thank you so much!