Crazy...? So They Say.

I am so glad i found this site, my bf actually found it for me. I basically wanted to ask if anyone has been successful in overcoming borderline?
2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

hi i was 19 when i was first diagnosed with borderlinrpersonality disorder iwas a bit of a hopeless case but a very caring therapist came into my life and stuck by me and had incredible patience i acted out heaps and lived in apshychotic fantasy world i havnt selfharmed in 15 years ooooooomy last hospital admission was also 15 years ago my advice is to hang in there times will get tougher and tougher there is not a quick cure if u can get a good therapist and the meds my life is devoted to getting beter im still batteling i have made massive progress if we can be real withourselves and the person who is treaing us we can get past the madness and finally LIVE our lives

Therapy helps some & I have read it gets better with age. Im not sure about overcoming it, I have learned to calm some of my behaviour if that helps?