When You Feel Your Best Friend Is Drifting Away.

I've been feeling this way for the past week, I feel like my best friend that I've made and totally opened up to is now abandoning me because I'm too much.

I feel like me as a person just comes along with too much emotional baggage for my friends to handle and I feel like I annoy them because of all my mood swings and problems.

It sucks. I tried talking to him about it he said that he's not drifting away but I feel like he's lying to me. He doesn't invite me to go out anymore, he never textes back and it sucks.

I'm losing my best friend =(
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1 Response Jan 28, 2013

Have you asked him how he feels?
I completely understand your distress as I lost a very dear friend of mine in a similar way a few months ago. After sending her lots of emails, she recently replied saying that she was struggling with her own issues and she did not understand my disorder and why I could not get better. She could not be around me anymore, but go figure why, I cannot read her mind after all.
Maybe that is also the problem, your friend is struggling to grasp the idea that you have BPD and is feeling that your emotions can be very overwhelming for him. It can be very hard sometimes for most people to understand psychological principles and be around people who are mentally ill.
I believe you should talk openly to your friend, or maybe write a letter or a email to explain the situation from your point of view. It could also be possible that BPD is clouding your judgement and your friend is having some issues of his own and he does not want to affect you. Remember that it is very difficult to support someone who is extremely emotional like us, and sometimes they might need a break to focus on themselves. However, it does not mean they don't care about you anymore...

Good luck x