My Psychiatrist Treated Me So Horribly I Can Hardly

believe it. the stigma is so deep can we really get help without being treated like animals? oh my god.
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I started getting treatment for Borderline when I was only 12, so I've been dealing with the stigma for quite some time. It is awful, and it makes it so much harder to get help because we are considered "liabilities" or "high-risk patients". I went through SO many therapists I can't even count, 8 different high schools, and got kicked out of college because I attempted suicide. It's unbelievably, supremely ****** up.<br />
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The good news is, there are lots of people working to overcome the stigma. I have been seeing the same therapist now for over 2 years, and he is amazing. He doesn't care about my diagnosis, he is only interested in ME as an individual, regardless on the labels other people put on me. He has helped me more than I thought possible, and I have learned to help myself so much that even professionals now are surprised to hear that I struggle with the disorder, because I exhibit so few symptoms outwardly. My advice; look for a therapist who specializes in Schema therapy or Gestalt therapy. The former is said to be a 3 year process that is proven to be the most effective treatment for BPD to date. Good luck!