My Bpd Story

i was diagnosed several years ago, however, i didn't start getting treatment until about a year ago. my relationships were sucking. i had the typical "i hate you, don't leave me" attitude, everything in my life was a black or white issue, just because i had a feeling about something, that feeling made it true for me, etc.

my childhood sucked big time. i didn't feel important. i felt like it was my duty, my obligation to take care of my mom and not worry about the things that i needed. i had to deal with a lot of horrible and tragic things at a very young age. i suffer from PTSD because of it.

then i met my partner. we've been together for nearly 7yrs. she helped in me realizing i needed help with my life and how i was dealing with it. we first started with couple's counseling and then i decided that it was ok to admit i needed one on one counseling for my issues. i've been in weekly therapy now for a year and i have a wonderful and dedicated psychiatrist, who is helping me to learn the tools i need to make the changes i want.
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hi there, thank you for sharing, your story helps give me hope. can i ask what kind of counselling you are finding useful? im just now starting to find peoples positive experiences with recovery, and im really interested in hearing about any and all options out there and how they work for people. sorry if im being intrusive, its just good to hear positive things about this.

so glad you got a good partner and a good psychiatrist