I got diagnosed about 3-4 years ago I can't really recall, cause when I got diagnosed was the first time that I checked myself into a Psych Ward. I was more worried about other things than that, I had lost the love of my life and it hurt like hell I just wanted to cut and cut and cut again. Something about that feeling of seeing blood that just makes me feel better when I am in one of those states. Right now they have tried a lot of different medication on me and nothing seems to work at times I think I am immune to them. How come there are people on youtube saying that a certain medicine makes them feel numb but I feel exactly the same? I cry for no "apparent" reason and I feel like I am just skating thru life, doing things that I am suppose to be doing but not really because I want to, I don't want to do anything thats the truth.
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Hey have you been to DBT therapy?