I have spent my entire life feeling as if there is a monster inside of me.
Ashleyjoan Ashleyjoan
22-25, F
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I know how you feel, and we aren't monsters. We are human beings with emotions that overtake us. We didn't ask to feel so deeply, and it can be torture. However, we are worthy of love and we are good. We are just misunderstood.

Beautifully put. It's the worst when people call me dramatic. I can't help that I'm SO emotionally charged.

Dramatic was my mother's favorite word to call me. She always said, "Oh stop being so dramatic!" I couldn't stand it.

what do you mean dramatic

Their is. Does it feel like you don't even know who you are? Do you look back at your actions and wonder what was I thinking. Deep down I feel like the nicest most caring person. But my actions are pure evil. Everyone has given up on me. I just want to die!

It is a difficult journey. It is unfair. It sucks. AND we are strong. Stronger than anyone else because we live through this pain. We love harder and stronger than anyone else. We deserve to be loved.

boy i can relate to it all i feel like i have demon inside