Confusing Thoughts...

Are they a borderline thing?  I am constantly wondering how I feel about situations and people.  My thoughts are always changing.  It drives me crazy!  It's constant inner turmoil.  I cannot make decisions.  Even decisions as easy as what flavour chips I want.  But it is much more annoying when it comes to choosing relationships and jobs. 

ivegottobefree ivegottobefree
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An unexplain struggle with all simple and more complex decitions is always making my daily life more difficult to manage and control myself. I glad about your relationship.

Well,, you have confidence obviously and that's a start!

Well, he is understanding to an extent. But he doesn't excuse my actions. I don't dissociate or hallucinate, but I am pretty moody, jealous and insecure. He knows I am doing all I can to get help, so he is willing to stick it out with me. I have always been very lucky with the men I have dated. I must have a certain charm underneath all of my rage.

He must be very understanding. Or either your moods didn't swing as high or low as mine. I dissociated, hallucinated, and went plain nuts. No amount of lithium could control them.

I am already in a relationship. I have been seeing someone for a year and we live together. He was with me through the diagnosis and is now more understanding of my moods.<br />
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But I agree that relationships are very difficult with BPD.

My advice. If this borderline is new to you, steer clear of relationships. For now. Unless you like turmoil and disaster.