Sometimes i dont know where BPD starts and where i end.

Diagnosis has given me some clarity in whyi am this way. always feeling an emptyness, a physical pain. It feels like a life sentence, ive been this way since i was 11 years old. I am my savior and my saboteur. I wish i was normal. i feel like such a loser.im so confused:(

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I am not how long i been dealling with this nor how much more time. But I can only believe that I will and am overgrowing this. Hope that for all of you too.

It's beautiful how you phrase it, beig your own savior and your own saboteur. Of course not a positive thing - but I hope you understand what I mean. I too have borderline, and fight with this everyday. Am I Borderline? I ask myself, but I do try to believe that the answer is as it says in all the books. Just like you are not cancer, you are not borderline. Cancer is a disease, and so is borderline. There is a cure, but you must be apart of that cure. Be strong, dear.

What is normal? Anyways.<br />
<br />
There is no end or beginning. Just like there is gray. Only black and white. <br />
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See your therapist often.

dont call yourself a loser

me too .. please be optimistic .. I know how you feel but you're not a loser .. anyway , you're not alone :)