I don't know if I have BPD or not. Honestly I am scared to go to a psychiatrist they might say I have something worse and lock me away. But I was reading some other stories on here and that physical pain seem to stick out. I have been complaining of mysterious pain since I was little. Only they couldn't tell me what was wrong because the pain keep moving. Like it would start in my head then move to my side or leg etc... The doctor always said it was growing pain. Well I stopped grow three years ago but the pains haven't stopped. I had heard that personality disorders occure in people that were abused as childern or it could be genetic so I'm 2 for 2. But Bpd would also acount for odd panicy episodes I have. I have one question would it acount for periods were you lost track of time or out of body experiences?

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I dont plan to visit doctor for this. I plan to fix it and live with it, I've done it far too long. Now that I have a better idea of what it is, BPD, I can start working on lessening the affects.

I felt the same way when I finally went to the doctor. The words came flowing. I was sure they would lock me away and toss the key. But I have to say going there was so much help. knowing whats actually wrong and that i am not alone.,And options on how to deal with it.

Don't be so afraid of a personality disorder. I spent/wasted so much time dwelling and dreading the fact I had them. Also, I've been locked away 3 times and it isn't so bad. ;) Seriously.<br />
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They aren't going to attack you or force you to go into a dreaded asylum. They'll give you a serious of rat tests (lab rat, my little term) to see where you fall and go from there. Personality disorders aren't usually treated with medication unless you have comorbid diagnoses (bipolar, depression, schizo,etc)<br />
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Medication SUCKS but it isn't so bad either. I take five different ones now. Still here. Maybe sometimes barely but here.