I'm trying to write a story for every group I join.....


Not much I can say about this one....Yes, yes I have. 


Don't have a problem buying them....Whats embarrassing about safe sex?

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8 Responses Sep 11, 2008

lol... well you wouldn't want them going to waste. Now that would have been embarrassing!!

Well, I seem to remember I got pretty lucky on the "hot time" night!!!

Lmao... you're even more unlucky than me!!

I've had the price check thing happen once too! Only the lady called for it on the microphone!!! Killed my mojo pretty quickly!<br><br />
<br><br />
Then another time, the dude behind the register looked at me, looked at the box, leered a bit, and then said, "It's gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight, huh?" I was mortified!

I remember the very first time I bought condoms. There was a huge queue and they didn't scan, so the woman behind the counter had to call a colleague over for a price check!! lol

I have bought all of those except the giant universal remote, but don't see anything embarrassing about any of them. Have bought embarrassing things, but am not ready to mention them here.

Here is your next shopping list:<br><br />
tampons<br><br />
condoms<br><br />
yeast infection cure<br><br />
cheetos<br><br />
giant universal remote<br />
<br><br />
At least one of these things should be embarrassing to you!

hmmm I agree, that actually will make me feel less embarrassed next time!