He Was Right There

ugh. i was in the same town as my fiance is in. it is only 11 miles away from where i live. i am not able to visit him yet. i went to this town with a friend to eat and do some shopping for a bake sale. yeah we eat at a place close to where he is and go to the store right before his turn off. you can literally see the lights of the prison from the parking lot. usually i can go about my business and it not bother me so bad. my daughter and i blow him kisses whenever we pass by. i have gone by several times but today was bad. it bothered me real bad today. i miss him so much. there i was in the same dang town as him and i could not even stop by to say hi. after so long i thought i was going to make my self sick of the thought. i was so ready to leave and get out of the place. this sucks royally. i can not wait for him to be home. i have been out of the town for a couple hours now but i still feel like crying. all will be good just have to be patient. our time will come in due time
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1 Response Mar 11, 2011

It will come in time hunny! Hopefully you'll be able to see him before too long. I drove past my boyfriend in prison yesterday - he rang me on my mobile just before I passed the jail - he asked if i could just pop in for a drink!!! lol We both know that we'd do anything for me to be able to see him but like you i've got to wait, all I can do is sit and dream about him and wish that we could be together. We're both in the same little tug boat! - we just have to be strong, safe in the knowledge that we know they love us, they know that we love them - we just need to wait! Lots of Love xxxxx