My Fiance Is Going To Prison For 4 Years, I Have To Drop Him Off 1,000 Miles Away On November 6th.

I am so anzious and sad, i felt like we were finally getting to a good place in out lives and in our relationship then the past had to come back to haunt us.. our 1 year old son is gonna be hard to deal with on my own. I am very upset 4 years seems like a really long time, and on top of it all he asked me to marry him before he goes and i said i would rather wait until we have time to planĀ  a real wedding since neither one of us has ever been married before. But 4 years is a really long time, our son will be in preschool i will be 31 years old and i just feel like i dont know what i am gonna do when he is not around. I am sad, frustrated and scared all at the same time. and i feel bad for him being so far away i wont be able to visit him often.. i am very worried about what is gonna happen to me and everything i cant seem to think about anything else, i hope things get better and eaier with time but as it is now i am thinking how could anything possibly be ok.. i dont know anymore
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My bf is goin to jail for 3 yrs idk wat to do either. He makes me happy i wanna be with him.i told myself i can wait but idk am use to seeing him almost every day

I am sorry about what happened. My fiance is in prison for 3.5 years in another country. We talked about it before we decided together that he should turn himself in. He turned himself in the day after Thanksgiving and I couldn't be there:( We've been together for five years, engaged for three and and now have to wait another three to be together. I'm 25 years old and I feel the same way. I know I want to be with him regardless. I send him a lot of angry messages because I feel so much anger inside. I don't want to be angry. He calls me when he can, his last call he said, "I am here for you, and I have lost all my rights to tell you what you can or can not do with your life." He said that if I feel angry, sad, happy to tell him and write to him about it. If you know in your heart that he is the one, then that's all the matters. If he was no good to you then move on. <br />
If you know that this is the person you want to be with and he is going to be an amazing father and HUSBAND when he gets out, then all you need to do is write to him. If he really loves you and cares for you, he will write back and call you and not expect anything from you. I write to my fiance through this online system they have. It really helps, in some ways it feels like my personal journal, only sometimes every now and then I get a response.<br />
TIme makes everything better no matter what decision you may take. Just remember at the end of the day no one can make you happy but yourself and no one can make you wake up every morning and get out of bed but yourself. Now though you have more of a reason to get out of bed and be happy. You have a child who needs you and needs support.<br />
Hope this helped:)

My ex got 4 years as well, he gets out next summer. I found someone new and we now have a baby together. 4 years is a long time, you will eventually forget about him.