Today is the 7th may 2012, im literally shaking, scared, nervous and happy all at the same time because my baby has his trial tomorrow so he'll find out if he is being charged or not,im praying everything goes to plan and they find him innocent because then i'll have my baby home.

2years of not being able to see him, all ive been able to do is think about him, write to him, speak to him on the phone, cry over him but by the grace of god all of that will change and hopefully i'll be able to be with him, hug him, kiss him, do everything ive waited to do but im so scared ..

scared that the judge will find him guilty, im trying not to get my hopes up but i cant help it im just so excited i just want to see his face, im trying to act normal and think positve but its hard, the judge can not only change his life but mine aswel i guess i just have to stay strong and be there for my baby no matter what the outcome is. ive never prayed for something so much in my life, one more day to go, i just want him home.

i wont stop praying.
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stay srong all

me and my partner are the same aprt from my partner has been remanded for 6 months iv been away from him for nearly 6 months his cause is due on the 24th july and he gonna plaed gulty tho cuse i was made a witness and i refused to make a statment on him so he will blead gilty and i hope&pray he gets a light sentense did it go??? how long did he get?

well im praying for you, hopefully he will get a light sentence seen as he is pleading guilty, and he got life imprisonment ( 26 years)

How did it go? are you okay? ill be praying for you.. stay strong

it didnt go well at all :(, but thank you xx

my fiance was caught last night for drugs... i am not doing good here either with all these cries.. help me :'((((((!!!

Good Luck!!! xo

thank you x

thank you love xx

You will be absoloutly fine my darlin no matter wat x