3years 5months And 23days Left Till He Comes Home

Im kind of new to all this. My boyfriend is in prison and I have never done this before, I always help going to people to chat about my inmate would be crazy. I mean who wants to hear about a woman who is in love with a "criminal" problems are... but it hasnt always been that way he and I have been best friends since we where kids (we are in our 20s)... I have seen him through all his issues drugs, horrible relationships, all in all bad disitions. He has seen me through my worst as well, but no matter how hard things get we are there for each other. We just started our romantic relationship, which has been a long time coming but well worth the wait. He has been incarserated for 2years now and we have 3years 5months and 23days left which is killing me I never thought Id be with a man in prison but yet hes my best friend and the only person I can see me having a future with. I would love to meet some people who are going through the same things im going though.

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Hey you, stay strong my man waa sentenced to 3 years and has 1 year 9 months left to serve in so excited for him to finaly b released <br />
10th June 2014. People like you make me thank god for small Marcus that it was 3 years and nothing longer. Please stay strong you ate not alone at all millions of us women face the trials and tribulations of a partner or loved one in jail everyday if you ever need a chat feel free to message me these girls know I'm always here to listen, take care x

Being in love with in an inmate isn't crazy at all girl! Just because they are incarcerated doesn't mean they are bad people by any means. My man will be released June 1st of 2014 and I am staying by his side! It sounds like you two have been through so much together and you must keep staying strong! :) You've already lasted 2 years... You just gotta keep going. I know it's hard, but this will only make your relationship so STRONG. Keep going, you're not alone. <3

Hi, I feel for you never thought I'd be writing about this subject....everr! I've been with my bf for 8 months been living together too. I've been head over heels in love with him since we were 16. Hes being charged with vehicular manslaughter and facing hopefully no more than two years but idk. Im freaking out i dont no how to live with out seeing him everyday. He wants to get engaged before he leaves and i said yes so he has something to look forward to and me too to get him through the time we are apart. This is going to be so hard I know it will be but i have to stay strong for my baby. I hope your doing ok, reading other people stories helps to know im not alone in this. Its so scary to think of him in there but he can do it. Hope all is well and stay strong :)