My Everything

Its been two years and i ain't seen my baby so i took it upon myself to see him yesterday in court while on his trial, i was so scared i walked up the flights of stairs opened the court door, i saw his friends sitting down, the judge, lawyers, witnesses and as i took my seat i saw my baby.

My heart literally stopped, i wanted to run to him, hug him, kiss him, that was my baby, behind the glass sitting down listening to everything that was going on. he never looked up during the trial so he couldn't see me or his friends watching, throughout the whole trial my eyes were fixed on him, he looked different, old, tired but still the most beautiful person I've ever laid eyes on.

His hair had grown, he even had a beard, wearing glasses, with his immaculate black suit, blue shirt and tie. i cried silently, inside i was breaking apart, my mouth was dry and i started breathing faster, i felt like i was going to break down in tears but i didn't i remained strong. my heart went out to him, to think every single day he wakes up at 6, goes to trial until 5 and goes back to prison, knowing his innocent, having to listen to witnesses, the judge and lawyers repeat the same words, analyse the same evidence over and over again. i cant imagine what his going through.

and as i sat staring at him it made me realise just how much i love him, i pray every single day for him to be found not guilty just so i can be with him, i miss him, i love him and it hurts and no matter how many times i cry it wont make the situation better, i don't want to lose him to this ****** up government/law, i want him home with me. i'm tired of waiting, i'm scared to hear the final verdict. i'd rather be dead then to see my baby get sent down for life, his my everything.

and as we all had to stand up and the trial had come to an end for the day, he looked up and saw me, the smile that was on his face, the smile i had been missing for the past two years, i finally saw it, i waved goodbye and as i looked back the police guard put him in handcuffs, and i broke down.
chynnaa chynnaa
18-21, F
May 24, 2012