Some Days I Cry

My boyfriend is in prison. He will be out in a couple months. We are getting very excited. Most days I cope very well, we talk on the phone alot, that helps. But some days, my heart just aches. I just feel so lost and alone. I fall asleep every night hugging his pillow. When I awake every morning, he is the first thought in my head. I feel so fortunate to have somebody who loves me so much. Im trying to be strong for us both. Please keep us in your prayers to get through this. I would love to have somebody to talk to in a similar situation. I dont have anyone I can talk to that understands.
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5 Responses Jan 10, 2013

I know what you mean my boyfriend is coming out in 4 months and its felt like an eternity ive been feeling alone I know he is there and I cant imagine how he is feeling he's been there for almost 3 years and we've been constantly writting letters to one another but there is a lot of times where idk I just feel very alone like I have no one its hard but I know soon me and him will be reunited soon

I am going thru this as well but with no end in sight at this point. You are right, no one understands.

I'm going through the same thing we can talk if you like

Prayers with you! I know exactly how you feel! I am here for you as well. keep your head up and stay strong! Patience is a virtue and deffinitly will pay off in the end.

We are close in age and our men locked up for 9 and 10 years. Jason gets out in a few months. I would love someone to share stories with. I am reallucky1 (Ginger Snyder)