My Exhusband In Prison

I had met my ex and was very vulnerable wanting another baby and he agreed he would. Not long after he moved in with me I got pregnant. Long story he went to jail and eventually prison I stood by him the entire time thinking he had good possibilities if I stood by him. I was wrong I learned the hard way that he didn't change at all and wasted alot time on someone who wasn't worth it.
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1 Response Sep 28, 2013

I'm so sorry. Did he come out and go right back in again?

he was a really bad person a drug addict, physically and mentally abusive and I overlooked red flags cause I thought I could fix him

Oh gosh! I stayed with my ex husband for our children when he went through drugs. I thought I could help him but in the end he emotional abused us so bad. My turning point was the day he physical abused me in front of our youngest child. I filed for seperation and had him removed from our house. The next year leading up to divorce was hell on earth! This man, tortured me, harassed me, stalked me, you name it just trying to maintain control.
I'm so sorry you had to go through the same hell I went through. It took me counseling and a long time to be ever to trust again. I never thought I'd find someone and I sure wasn't looking at the time I met my fiancée. Neither was he because he was broken hearted after losing his wife. But it's funny how things happen because he never thought he would be sitting in prison for something he didn't do and I never thought I be in love with a prisoner. But we've vowed to stay together because we love each other so much and we hope things work out one day.