It's all about adapting. If what you have is real, y'all will find a way to get thru this.
Yes my boyfriend is in prison but we are trying to make the best out of a terrible situation. For example:
We still have "dates" - our weekly phone calls
We "text" - he can hear my response when he calls even when I dont accept the call (I answer with a kiss or an "I love you"
We have "fancy dates" - when I can make it to visitation
Trying not to miss special occasions - I still get him bday, Christmas, and valentines day gifts, they go into a box that he gets to open when he gets home
We celebrate - an extra phone call when we've knocked out another 30 days or when we hit under 1000 days
These little things as well as others that we do help take away the sting of the situation and helps the days to pass. :)
Find things to keep him going as well as yourself going, ladies. You can get the thru this and it will get better!!
Blessings and positive thoughts!! Xoxoxo
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