New on here but...Hello
I have been with my boyfriend for coming up on 6years this November about 3 years ago he wanted me to marry him, but I told him I wanted to wait until he gets out at that time I thought he would be home a year or 2 later, but now its 3 years coming up on our 6years and I now I do want to get married, & now he told me that he wants to wait until he gets release which will be another year half at the most but.. I am not feeling that! I want to get married it just does not feel right I been with him so long, I feel we need to do it that's what I want I don’t care that he is in there now, I want us to get married and then when he comes home I can have a small wedding like I always thought of but… I am getting all kinds of thoughts feelings, feel like I am wasting my time feeling like I should let go, I feel like it’s been 4ever, I feel incomplete I see him every weekend for 7hrs on Saturday and Sundays, my feelings are kinda hurt because 1st. when I told him, I was ready he said he would give it thought because he said he took it out of his mind because I told him previously that I wanted to wait I did not want no prison wedding, then this past week he gone say he wants to wait.. that it would be better, I just don't know what to do I love him dearly, am I tripping? I feel like we been 2gether so long its only right ****

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Stay strong

I am just good days & bad days I guess yesterday was a bad day, he can tell when he called

I personally would say waiting would be better, you'll need to get to know each other all over again when he gets out, it's not a bad thing though - it can be fun and exciting too

I know him like a book you right it would be fun but @ same time feel like Im on layaway or something IDK... just tired

It's hard because they are different when they come out


They become used to prison life, I've seen a lot of guys too nervous to walk in the street because of being in prison for so long

Yea some do, I know my son fathers mentality changed I left him he was sooo insecure, couldnt deal, but my BF hes the same way he his personality is the same he was locked up before for anout 2 years he remained the same personality wise,this time this has been the longest time ever being in there sad thing he only in there cuzz he wouldnt snitch...smh

Hopefully things work out for yous, fingers cross


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