hello, I'm new to this, I just needed some input on my situation. I am in my early twenties, I met a guy while he was in prison, through his sister. I known his sister for about a year. I get a lot of negativity thrown my way because I decided to start dating him. everyone feels that I'm being stupid and making a bad decision. we hav ed been dating now for a year and 3 months. I have strong feelings for him and believes that he is ready to settle down and start a family when he comes home. he has 9 months left, I go see him even weekend, and when I see him he makes all the stress in my life go away, he makes me happy. nobody understands me. but sometimes I get lonely and wish he was here. Am I being stupid because I never meet him outside of jail? has anybody ever done this before?
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u know what they are all different I met mine as well while he was locked up n I've been right by his side for 6 years now....he moved me in w his family and we got married while he was in there...not all guus in there r bad or have bad intentions...follow ur heart n do what u think is right ...if he makes u feel that way it's for a reason.....stay strong follow ur heart

He is using you. He makes all the stress go away because he has nothing but time on his hands to dream up of better manipulation tactics. You have no idea who he really is but I can tell you that those that have been in prison should be avoided.

I grew up in a bad way and have to much experience with incarcerated loved ones... prison gives them a perspective and they are full of hope and give you hope as well- when they get out it can be completely different- the resolutions they had to stay away from drugs, not get back in contact with previous people that were toxic etc becomes much more difficult- they can go back to being violent because though they've gained perspective they haven't learned to handle anything any differently- both of my parents have been in and out as well as family and my warning to you would be to be very careful and understand the outside world is an entire set of challenges and temptations and he may not be what you think he is... I hope the best for you but if you don't know this lifestyle then you are particularly vulnerable and naive and can easily be taken advantage of- I hope that's not what happens...

Have nothing to do with incarcerated criminals

Have nothing to do with criminals they are nothing but a waste of space