my boyfriend went to prison two weeks ago, he called me every day, i haven't heard from him since Sunday afternoon. . and at that point he was really down, any idea .. what he may be going through and why he wouldn't be calling me
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well if he is upset maybe he don't want u to hear that he is upset. maybe he don't wanna make things harder than they already are. I'm not sure but that is how my boyfriend is. he likes to stand on his own and not bring his lady down with him

Be positive... know that he will contact you when he can... that's what I hope for...

keep praying and writing him stay positive write about your day keep him update on what's happening and reassure him of your love. it works

girl stay strong u have to remember they r in prison and anything can happen at any time in there trust me I've been doing this for almost 6 years it could b they r on lock down or just when he gets phone time he don't get a chance it can b any things stuff always happens but he will eventually call don't always think the worst

Try sending him some money. If your in uk then you can send him a letter via email a prisoner and that will get to him quickly

he ran out of money

no, it couldn't be...we had 25.00 put into his phone account. ..and of that was the would give me payment options to accept the call

call the institution and ask?