My boyfriend is in prison, and for the past few months, I really did a great job staying strong. But right now I feel like I'm falling apart. I miss him so much, I no longer know how to handle this.. Anyone in the same situation or who knows how I feel?
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Mine just went in less than two weeks ago. I'm trying to be strong, but I feel like I'm dying inside. No one in my circle can truly understand what I'm feeling. We've been together for 13 months we lived together for 10 of them. I feel so alone. He calls me every other evening for a couple of minutes and that's great, but I miss him so much. I have to say that he is married to another woman for the last 3 years, but hasn't seen her for 2 1/2 years. She lives in another state. Please don't judge me... I love him.

I know exactly how you feel, my partner basically got bail after being on remand. For 3 months he was out two weeks and has now got sentenced too 4 months for a different case and awaiting trial for the case he got bail for, the first time he went I was coping okay, this time I feel lost as anything and everything just reminds me of him, but stay strong nothing is for ever!

It's not easy, 16 years on and I still cry missing him. Still have sleepless nights. You want to talk?

Always in for a talk girl x

I feel u I've been w mine for 6 years while he's been locked up its very long does he have
..u need to follow ur heart

That's so brave of you, wauw! He's been in prison for 6 years now, but we've only been together for 6 months. He still had 8 months to go if we're lucky and 14 if we're not.. How do you handle all of it?

girl u just have to stay strong and remember what u have coming home to u....u know deep inside if u love that person and if it's worth the wait u have to put all the physical stuff behind u n remember and think about the bond u share otherwise...girl 6 months or even 14 is nothing being in a prison relationship really will grow u as a person and as a couple does he express himself to u

I know, that's what I'm holding on to. If we get through these months, we have an entire life ahead of us. I'm just really scared this is going to drift us apart. I love him from my skin to the bone, but sometimes I can't see him for weeks and we only talk on the phone.. He says he really loves me too, but he also says it was easier before he met me. When he had no one to miss..

I met mine in there as well it's tough but u learn to cope

Thank you so much, i hope you're right xxx

just stay strong and u have support either way

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