My boyfriend was arrested about 3 weeks ago. I have decided that no matter what happens with his sentencing I will be there and support him. Most people in my life continue to tell me to leave him because he is "worthless" and other negative things. He did some stupid things but I still love him. I can see past the negative to a really good guy. I am no longer trying to convince others of this. It's my life and my choice. I can understand where people are coming from but I just disagree. Currently waiting for his lawyer to get back to him about his options for sentencing. Our relationship will have to be different after this but I still love him and promised to support him. He may not be perfect but who is?
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1 Response Feb 17, 2016

just cuz people makes mistakes don't make them a bad person and that's brave of u to take on a prison relationship cuz they artnt easy ...I've been doing this 7 years now and it's still hard but u have to stay strong and follow your heart not worry bout pleasing everyone people r going to talk and judge but don't let it get to u follow your heart and ur dreams and live ur life to the fullest