Today's phone call is going be hard :(
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Why is that?

Fell out last night over the phone

Hope things are ok!

Thank you just need be strong :(

It's tough! How long is he in for?

Not too sure yet. We know he's getting tag and he's being told he won't do any longer tag December. But could be out before December. We don't know yet

What is tag?

Are you from America? It's basically an anklet you wear that tracks where you are and what time. So he has to be in his house for a certain time and can't go certain places

Oh gotcha. I didn't know the name of it but I know what it is

Yeah we know he's definitely go that. And that he won't be there any longer than December. But he could come out before December depending on behaviour

That's not too bad

I know I'm lucky really 9 months isn't too bad just not coping very well at the moment

Is this the first time he has been in jail?


This is the first time my bf has been in jail too so I understand the feeling!

It's hard but I know it's probably much harder for him. How long has your boyfriend got??

He should be out in less than a month. He will be on drug court for a year and a half tho so he better behave!

Wish mine was coming home in less than a month :( and I'm sure he will if it's his first time it's probably scared him and he doesn't want go back there. That's what it's done to my boyfriend anyway

Yeah he has to go to inpatient drug treatment for a while too so he will be gone for a while. Basically just get to see him once a week when I go visit

That's okay though I get visits once a week too. Better than nothing. How long has he actually being jail for then??

Almost two months

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