It Is Complicated.

It is so complicated.It really is. He is not even my boyfriend but he seemed to be interested in being my boyfriend. He acted weird. He whispered in the class my name and I ignored him but to tell the truth I listened him many times and I just let it go by. He didn't tell me anything, though.
He was not beautiful, tall, he didn't have short hair and he wasn't a good student, he wasn't my type....he wasn't so attractive, he was short, he had long hair if one may consider the fact he is a boy.
objectivelly, he wasn't the one for me.But I liked him cause he seemed interested and I was kind of flaterned. I had lots of thoughts that time. And it was not about how appealing he is but of what should I do. Should I ask him how he felt about me or tell him about my feelings or to tell nothing cause I am so shy or to tell him stop bothering me in the class??? Too many questions for me and too many time to waste and too many time needed for my homework. I didn't ''neglect'' my studies but when I had time I thought of this or discussed that topic with my mates but not too much. Some times, I felt like telling him the truth but when I came closer to him I only told him ''stop bothering me in the class and don't do anymore stupid things.'' I couldn't. I just couldn't . To shy to tell the truth.
As a result, this story didn't have a happy end. What is the happy end anyway??? I mean if I told him the truth or if nothing happened??? None of them. He had to tell me how he felt about me cause the boy is the hunter and it is not so good for the girl to tell how she feels. It is a boy thing. So, he didn't tell anything. He got bored cause I didn't react... or this is my opinion...he wasn't obvious anyway and I didn't understand how he felt about me. 
Anyway this story is done or is not. For one thing I am sure: I will never be sure if I still like him....heart
emy3 emy3
Jul 10, 2010