Verrry Complicated Relationship..

I have been with this guy for 2 years and a half we have our arguments we have our good tyms but recently he confessed that he had been cheating and he says as from the day he confessed this to me he is going to change his life and become somebody new and i dont know should i stay or should i go?? i still love him though and i am confused about if i stay will he do the same thing over time or will he really change..

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5 Responses Aug 3, 2010

How long has he been cheating on you for? I think that you should move on. I am sure that cheated on you for a while, the thought of him knowing it will hurt you came across in his mind, yet that didn't stop him. So I think he is not worth it. You deserve better.

that's exactly what my boyfriend recently said to me.

that's exactly what my boyfriend recently said to me.

i honestly cannot tell you what to do. in these situations you go with your gut feeling. you know the guy, no one else on this site but you knows if you can trust him again.

cnt figure it out really but i strongly think i will take your advice.