My Boyfriend Seems To Be Avoiding Me.

I started dating a guy this summer in late July. He broke up with me 3 times throughout our relationship. I do admit that I made mistakes that caused this, but I never cheated. Well we continued talking after the last break up (in September). I came back to college and then he told me that we should no longer talk. I was hurt. Even though we dated for only 2 months I liked him a lot. I decided to move on. Then in late October we went to court because he got a traffic ticket and wanted to contest it and use me as a witness. We hanged out after court. Feelings for him re-emerged. We then started to text daily. Earlier this month he asked me back out. I said yes. I went back home for thanksgiving break and I surprised him with a visit at work. I was in town for a week. Throughout that week he barely texted me, if ever. I tried to hang out with him, but he said he was busy. In the past he would try to see me no matter what. This time around he did not try one bit. This hurted me deeply because it seemed like he was avoiding me. When I texted him about how I felt regarding his behavior. he never replied. He has not bothered to text me or anything. I do know that if he was to have lost feelings for me he would have already broken up with me, but because he hasn't I know he still likes me. I will try to ask him myself why he is acting the way he is, but I feel that he will not reply. Does anyone have any ideas of why he is acting in such a way? Thank You:)!
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

He does not want to reconnect with you right now. There could be any number of reasons. There might be someone else he is interested in. There might be a problem he wants to devote his full attention to. All you can do is wait and see what happens. You have expressed your interest - the rest is up to him.

Yeah I will wait it out. You are right. Thank you for your advice:)!