I have this friend he is so caring and funny and he likes me and I can't stop thinking about him. I never thought I would like someone like him. She is kinda husky and I'm built with more muscle than fat. What should I do?
mahalakey mahalakey
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 22, 2014

What do you feel?
We tend to think more than we feel.
Just in case you may not understand what I mean, a simple exercise will help with understanding.
Say Yes, now feel it as you say it, how does it feel.
Now say No, now feel it as you say it, how does that feel.
Do you notice the yes, is a little draining and no holds our energy?
May need to do it a few times, and really focus with feel.

Back to your query, what should you do.
I believe our hormones are on high alert when young and they do tend to get mixed up.
What is best with everyone we wish to know a little more than holding hands, is get to know the person, just to make sure they are serious about knowing you, more than a friend.

However, all choices and decisions are inevitably your's, because if we allow others to make them for us, and it goes horribly wrong, you will blame them for telling or saying to do it.

Lessons can be easy to learn and some unfortunately do hurt, however that is part of growing and evolving into the person you are to be.

Best of luck with your choice and decision, and if it does not go the way you think/feel, remember you made that decision, and forgive yourself, then let the pain go.