My Braces

 I went to get my last filling today and we immediately went to schedule an appointment with the orthodontist from there.They said I could get them right then if I wanted,so I said fine.It didn't hurt until they put spacers in but otherwise the pain is negligible,to me anyway.In two week they're going to put the wires on. :/ I have to brush my teeth three times a day,floss twice,and use this little brush thingy.They make me feel a whole lot younger and they probably make me look it too.Oh,and there's a do not eat list..

No: Ice cubes,pens & pencils,whole apples,popcorn,nuts,hard bagels,pizza crust,doritos,hard tacos,tostitos,beef jerky,carrots,hard bread,finger nails,caramels,tootsie rolls,reisens,sugar daddies,marathon bars,snickers,milk duds,bit-o-honey,rolos,skittles,warheads,laffy taffy,airheads,starburst,juju beans,gummy bears,now & later,jelly beans,licorice,dried fruit,fruit rollups,soda,diet soda,sugar drinks,red bull,shakes,malts,ice cream,cupcakes,cookies,cake,pie,or sugary cereal.

Fun,eh? :) As long as I can still have coffee I think I'll be okay.Though I do admit I'm a little disappointed about not being allowed to eat pens & pencils anymore... :'(

Hehe. :)

 Edit: I change my mind.There's pain involved.Constant nagging pain. :P

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The pain goes away :)

Hehe,yeah I just keep telling myself that I'm even lucky to have sister wanted them but our insurance wouldn't cover her.

Hey!<br />
Dont be so stressed about it!<br />
Just think that you'll get rid of them and have beautiful teeth.<br />
Everything happens for a reason, and you are certainly not alone.!