Brachial Neurits In The Cook Islands

Great to find a network to share with. 28 days ago, whilst working on the idylic Island of Aitutaki, I was awoken in the wee hours by mind boggling pain through my left shoulder and down my arm. i found some relief in bringing my arm up above my head and still do.
Everyone was befudddled but back at the main hospital in Rarotonga a nerve specialist visiting from New Zealand immediately recognised all my symptoms as indicatitive of Brachial Neuritis. All they have been able to offer me is pain relief and it barely touches it, even morphine.
Physio friend lent me her TENS machine and that completely saved the day, though i find it is less effective as time goes on. Or maybe i am just worn down by the pain, which is substantial. i am most comfortable flat on my back. Being vertical doubles or even triples the pain and i soon need to raise my arm again. i have considerable deterioration of my triceps and latisamus (guessing at the spelling) dorsi and the arm is noticable thinner. I have begun acupuncture to stimulate the muscles. first time it helped with the pain for hours, second time only minutes.
The pain is localised in my hand, wrist and elbow, ocassionally pinching in the armpit and aching in the shoulder.
I am working with an alternative health practitioner who suspects parasites as a root cause.
I plan to journey to Toronto for better care once i can travel. Pain management book on the way. working hard on having a positive attitude.

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2 Responses Aug 11, 2010

I too have been diagnosed with this although my pain is in shoulder and mid bicep, the pain is excruciating and I was starting to consider having the arm amputated, it's that bad. Painkillers barely touch the pain and I also find relief by raising my arm over my head but it doesn't provide relief forever. My doctor injected a steroid w/numbing agent deep into the shoulder in several places which cut the pain to a manageable level, it's still uncomfortable but at least I am not going insane any longer.

Have you found relief? I hope so, My father is suffering. Thanks in advance if this reaches you!