What Happens After the Agony

October 2008 pins and needles in my left lower arm and hand woke me, i thought i,d laid on my arm all night.The pain was soon to follow,pain i,ve never had before and trust me i never want again.The pain was that intense my wife could feel it pulsate down from my shoulder to my hand,i wanted to die.The doc prescribed oramorph and a neck x-ray. I had the x-ray,the morphine just made me feel sick did,nt touch the pain.Next it was morphine patches to accompany the oramorph,my kids thought i was turning strange i.d fall a sleep in mid sentece only to wake 20 minutes later still in agony.At last i got to see a consultant at hospital,The x-ray showed nothing.After nerve induction test and a m.i.r the consultant told me i had damage at c5 in my neck,an operation would stop the pain but by this time(febuary 2009) the pain had just about gone apart from a dull ache.Now a new fear i have no use in my little and wedding finger,weakness in my thumb and other two fingers on my left hand.The consultant still told me an op would cure all,lucky for me he was off for one appointment so i was seen by another consutant who was unsure of the quality of the m.i.r scan so off i went for another.The outcome was no pinching of nerves in c5 or c6 this is when my new consultant mentioned brachial plexus neurities.I,ve now had a cat scan and waiting for the results.Works bein difficult with one hand so the stress on my wife and children putting up with my deression and moods for months.I hope the docs are on the right road now,but stll no one will tell mehow long the affects will last.At least the agony has gone (for good i hope)

tevez tevez
1 Response Mar 9, 2009

i certainly hope you the best. but it can be much worse i had my first episode when i was 22 am now 61 i have had 6 episodes,, neck surgery twice,, have discoved no pain medication works,, i have tried them all including oxycondin.. all i do is drink too much while soaking in a very hot hot tub... that is the only thing that gives me relief... sorry to sound so negative but it is true,, you may feel free to comment back to me with any question you may have.. i am not a dr, but have had the syndrome for almost 41 yrs now i have studied much on the subject