Brain Abcess

Couple of encouraging words of experience for those who had to deal with this challenging disease.

5 yrs ago the docters did not know why a perfectly healthy guy - no med record- had a fever/ vomitted / headache / blurry speech.

Took the 4 very miserable days in the neurology dept. after collapsing at my GP - 'nothing a paracetamol cant cure' - untill the ct scan revealed I was needed surgery asap.

After the 1st surgery my abcess was drained but remained a dangerous size and kept my eye hanging half way. 2nd time they nailed it. Spent over 2 months in the hospital non stop antibiotics. At last i survived spent 1 month at home - still on antibiotics.

Back to work - was in a new demanding job for 1 month +post doc uni. Was sooo happy to start a normal life again. Massive Concentration issues proved challenging. Things turned negative soon at my job.

5 yrs down the road everything is looking much brighter - just got a baby boy. Work is great. People around me are great. Look back and happy i am alive and try to enjoy it every day;-)

Jerome79 Jerome79
31-35, M
Sep 14, 2012