Lots of Nervous Energy - Bm Next Week

Hello Ladies-

I'm 30 yrs old and divorced with no children.

Diagnosed DCIS ER+ PR+ Sept 4th 

Diagnosed BRCA2 Positive Oct 8th

I have been waiting 4 months and it's finally here.  BUT now i'm nervous...  I can't concentrate (i'm currently at work not working) can't sleep and when I do i'm dreaming and waking up alot, etc.  I'm also not productive and I have a million things i need to get done before my BM next week. 

BTW- Serious live in boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me right after diagnosis.  Now he claims he wants to marry me?  UGH!!!!  He's a marine and deploys to iraq in april. 

ALSO- B/c of my BRCA I'm trying to decide when to have ovaries out and if I'm going to risk having children or not. 

Lots of stuff.  But I feel so thankful that I do not have to undergo chemo or radiation.  I can't imagine going through that too.  I have so much respect for you ladies that have done that. 

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UPDATE: August 2009<br />
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Thank you for the lovely message. Timing is everything. The post that you responded to was about 8months old. But, it was warmly welcomed. Curiously enough, today I go in for my first breast cancer screen since all of my surgeries. Again, I'm quite nervous but it's a completely different kind now. I did have the bilateral mastectomy and implant reconstruction and my new implants look better than i ever could have imagine. Marine deployed and barely said goodbye...after his lack of support through such a life event I have closed the chapter of a future with him in my life. Since then, God has brought a wonderful man into my life. One that is not only understanding about my cancer but wants to be involved and educated about all of it. He Will be taking me to my apt. today. On top of that...he really wants to be a father and were looking at having a child because of my minimal time line. Based on my apt today...I have three years and 3months to have any children and that pushes my limits to the latest that my doctors want to take my ovaries. I understand if this can't happen as I've already accepted it...but I never thought I would have the opportunity considering the time line. <br />
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All the best and thanks for the encouragement.

hi <br />
My wife was about your age when she found she had breast cancer. <br />
3 years later, after surgery, chemo, radiation, Herzeptine, the whole 9 yards, I just wanted to say this:<br />
This experience is terrifying at times. however - there is an end to it all, and life does (slowly VERY slowly) regain its natural course.<br />
I hope yours does too

Wow you've got a lot on your shoulders! So young, no children yet, a double mastectomy next week, huge decision about ovaries/children ... I feel for you and I will be thinking of you. It's no wonder you're nervous and can't concentrate! Are you having reconstruction? Don't make any major decisions about your boyfriend, especially since he's deploying. He may come back a very different man. Regarding having children -- I have 2, I always knew I wanted them, but it's really hard work and you can be happy (maybe happier?) without. I hope you have a good support group and let us know how it goes.