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After the birth of my second child, that was it for me. My boobs looked like tube socks with a rock at the bottom! LOL

I found a really good doctor, researched his credentials very well and had a consult two times with him. The doc was 2 hours away from home, so the day I actually had the surgery, my husband and I got a hotel.

After the physical exam and blood tests came back with a green light, I went in for the big day. I got 420cc in one and to even the other out, just a bit less.

I don't recall the trip back to the hotel but I DO remember that night! Omgosh. It was awful. Most pain I've ever experienced. I got them under the muscle and had a lift done also, totaling 10 grand! Yikes. Anyway, I couldn't even wipe myself after I peed that night. We had no sitter for our daughter who was just a year old and she ended up sick and was up all night too. My poor husband. He had to help me with everything. I was totally helpless. I never knew muscle pain could be that bad. However, my sis got them and didn't have as much pain as I had. Don't get that. Maybe it's because I had reconstruction done too.

I had to wear a strap for a few weeks, that helped push them down. They looked really great before they fully dropped, I liked them perky LOL But they don't stay THAT perky the whole time. LOL Mine still, 8 years later, look great, and still point up when I lie on my back. LOL It was a horrible healing process, but it was worth it. Actually, the pain was so bad on day 3 that I developed a fever from shallow breathing, the doc said. It was scary. It hurt so much to breathe. The worst pain was in the morning...ugh, the dreaded "morning boobs" felt like they were being ripped off your chest when you sat up after laying down al night! Whoa! I'll never forget that pain.

So, now, 8 yrs later, they're obviously fully settled and not perfectly symmetrical, but I'm ok w it. it's only because my right one dropped a bit more than my left. I blame me for that...I am a side sleeper and always slept on my L side, constantly shoving my L boob up under my chin, kind of the opposite of what that strap is supposed to do. Anyway... I like them, but wish I had gone a bit smaller. I used to dress a lil more showy than I do now, ok, well...a lot more showy. I'm much more modest now ;)
GawdsGirl GawdsGirl
31-35, F
Dec 12, 2012