I'm Dangerous

Well all my life I do dangerous things and am always getting hurt. The first time I broke a bone I was five and was sitting on a tee branch and fell over by accident and broke my right wrist. The second time I broke a bone was when I was seven and was rough housing with one of my brothers and bent my finger the wrong way and it broke. The third bone I broke i was 9 wnd it was actually funny because it was January and the lake by my house had frozen over so my friend tommy and Steve went with me to go ice skating on it. Well there was a yoga ball there with a handle so we decided to to jump off the hill onto the frozen lake and bounce all over it. I went first, I totally flew off the yoga ball and landed on my left arm and broke it. The next time I broke a bone I was 11 and dropped a glass and went to clean it up but accidentally stepped on the glass, cut open my foot, fell on broke my big toe. Then the next bone I broke was when I was 13 and me and my mom were in a horrible caraccident my mom was okay but doctors expected me to die but I'm strong and pulled thourgh and lived, the result was I broke two ribs, my right arm, both my legs, 2 of my toes, 4 of my finger and my neck. So at least I can say I broke way to many bones. Oh and last week I was closed my locker on my hand and broke my pinkie.
aliejameson aliejameson
18-21, F
Jan 9, 2013