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Sufer from asthma since childhood but recently was fighting a whole buch of sinus and what it look to be bronchitys but after being super short of breath to the point of hyperventilating my Dr send me to the ER fearing a pulmonary emboli, after a CT scan determined that I had Bronchiectasis, Im going to a pulmonologyst in a couple of days but in the midtime im taking prednisone and Zpack not really think is working .... One day I feel great but the next one Im in pain again and no energy whatsoever, I dont have much cough doh no mucus any one else experience this ??? Thanks
Angels034me Angels034me
1 Response Sep 24, 2012

I was just diagnosed with this. Have you taken an expectorant? It may help with the chest pain. I had some chest pain and it seemed to go away once I started taking an expectorant. I have been given an inhaler and it has helped.