I Need Advice...i Have Been Diagnosed With Bronchiectasis!!!

I'm 54 years old and I was diagnosed two weeks ago! I have been really sick on anti-biotics since October, I've done about 6 round of anti-biotics along with Abuterol, steroids, and cough meds. I'm also Diabetic, Asthmatic, and have heart problems. Finally I had a CT Scan and the lung doc diagnosed me with Bronchiectasis, but said I was one of the lucky ones because I had the affected area in the top right lung and that was all. The lung doc recommended surgery to remove the upper right lobe of the lung where I have the infection and Bronchiectasis. I'm so scared to get the surgery and have a worse quality of life. Even though I have been having problems with the lung for about 5 years with re-occurring pneumonia and bronchitis and lots of asthma problems. Has anyone had surgery or been recommended surgery? can you share your experience. My husband does not want me to have the surgery and refuses to talk to me about the surgery...I tell him that is difficult for to see because his NOT the one sick all the time.
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I was also diagnosed a couple of weeks ago. My bronchiectasis is also only in my right lung at the top. The specialist said that it would not shorten my life span because my lung function test was really good. But I'm still not sure how this will affect me day to day. I will get more infections and pneumonia and will have to take antibiotics for longer than most folks when I do get sick.

Since the diagnosis I have had some bad days, physically, feeling ill and tired and coughing. But I just had two of the best days I've had in months, with some but not much coughing. I've been doing some gardening, and I feel great. I hardly coughed at all today.

My specialist didn't even mention surgery as an option. He sounded likehethought I was going to be inconvenienced by this, more than anything. I was discouraged because I've felt so ill since mid September, and I thought I might never feel well again. But the last two days have shown me that there will be good days too.

Keep up with keeping active, know that there will be bad times and good. Take care.

after many years of ongoing antibiotics and pneumonia l finally saw a specialist that agreed that l needed a right middle lobe lobectomy. before the operation l make sure that l was as fit as possible and did not find the operation itself to bad. there was pain but that was well managed. it certainly made a huge difference to my life for 10 years.the part of the lung they removed was mummified and just a ball of neurotic tissue. unfortunately l also have bronchiectasis in my other lung as well as the lower part of my right lung, otherwise l would go ahead and have more surgery. good luck with what ever you decide.

My mother - now in her early 70s - was diagnosed a couple of years ago. But from her 40s she had lung problems that were variously mis-diagnosed as asthma and later COPD. Instead of proper treatment, for all those years she was just prescribed inhalers for constant use and antibiotics and steroids during flare-ups. The long term side effects of the steroids are just horrific. If we had had an early diagnosis of bronchiecstasis I know mum would have been brave and gone for the op while that was still possible. Especially when we now know that is too late for her and have seen how she has suffered over the last 30 years. Please think positively about the op for yourself; you have a good early diagnosis and the chance to have your lung damage removed now, while it is a small enough area. Nothing cures this dreadful condition, the op is the only option. God bless, i will be thinking of you.

Hi Meriadelsol. I am so sorry to hear about your problems. I have bronchiectasis myself but I have managed to find the way of controlling it. Visit my website www.bronchiectasis.co.nf . You will find lots of information there. Regards, Tomascat