Ur My Brown Eyed Girl

I was born with brown eyes like my mother, whom is all of polish descent. Through & through. My older sister has blue eyes like my dad. Her eyes though can change with what clothes she happens to wear that day, which is pretty cool.
when I was growing up, my friends had braces on their teeth, and I never did. I really really wanted braces. Now of course I don't have perfectly aligned teeth, which can be good or bad. Depending on how you look at it. The dentist didn't think my teeth really needed braces, and now in retrospect I wouldn't fault my folks 1 bit. I wouldn't want to put $3000 in my mouth either, w/o needing it.
I always wanted glasses 2. Though I would've hated being called 'a 4 eyed freak' like some people I used 2 know. People called me enuf things growing up, & I sure wouldn't have wanted THAT added 2 the list. Though now like before, in retrospect I know I'll need glasses as I get Older like everyone else in my family.
look at my pics if you wanna c 4 urself. There is a reason I took the pics skewed like that. I used to be pretty, thin, and photogenic...I'll admit that. But now I'm a mess of fire & brimstone, not like I used to be. That's 4 damn sure, I'm not so innocent anymore. When you get to my age, you aren't so concerned w/ that kinda stuff anymore. There is more important things 2 deal w/. Plus I've had 2 boys, which ages you immensely. Where did I go wrong??
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31-35, F
May 6, 2012