Dark Brown

i really thought i'd already written a story here...guess not, so i will now :)

my fav story to tell about my eyes takes me back to my high school days.  Was riding the bus home.  I was usually the only girl on a bus of about 15 or so guys (i did NOT hate that lol  and neither did they!).  One guy in particular I flirted with constantly.  One day he persuaded me to take my glasses off b/c he wanted to see my eyes.  So i did and just looked at him (probably coyly or flirtatiously lol)  Then he says to me "Stop looking at me with those bad @ss brown eyes of yours" and smiles. 

so yes...i have "bad @ss brown eyes"  they're freaking awesome and i love them :)  would never trade them for any other color....except maybe green....lol

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thanks Drumsong...glad you like them :)<br />
<br />
Brut...what color are your eyes?? :)<br />
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yay brown eyed girl!!

"Laughing and a-running hey, hey<br />
Skipping and a-jumping<br />
In the misty morning fog with<br />
Our hearts a thumpin' and you<br />
My brown eyed girl"

****Brut LOVES brown eyes****

yes, they are certainly bas @ss eyes!